Blurs and whooshes

Today we’re trying out the other blur effects after playing with Gaussian blur yesterday.

First we made a stationary car go wooosh by using a motion blur.  We used a lasso tool to select the car then inverted the selection.  Then we used a motion blur to make it look like the car is moving.

Motion blur, Photo from Stylish Cars blog


Next we tried out different blurs on a crowd scene.  Again, we selected a figure with the lasso tool, inverted the selection and applied the blur effect.

Original image by Ben Ben Schumin

Unfocus blur

Radial blur

Zoom blur


Finally we had a bit of spare time so we played about with Hue and saturation adjustments to change the colours of an image.  If we’d had more time we would have done an iconic yellow New York taxis against monochrome image.

Photo from