Travelling Gallery

The Travelling Gallery came to visit our school today.  There were a couple of nice exhibits made using 3D printers including a clear bowl – I hadn’t realised you can print so clear and smooth with 3D printers now.

There was an exhibit that was an Android app that is like a record player for objects.  It translates bumps and texture into sound.

I liked an exhibit called Flat Earth, a film made entirely from freely available satellite images and Creative Commons Flickr photos with fragments of blog posts being read out as a narrative.

Early research robot by Wendy McMurdoThere was an interesting large photo of a robot with human eyes superimposed.  I thought this was interesting and would be a technique we could easily do in class.

There was also a Flash animation of Red Riding Hood and some cool laser cut perspex trees.  I thought this would be quite good to look at when we move on to Flash animation.

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