A lot of bottle!

Today we look over all the photos that were taken in a rush yesterday.  We talked about focus, blur, cropping and the use of tripods!  Some of the photos had uneven light because one light had broken.  Some of the photos of bottles looked good except the whole bottle wasn’t visible – the top or the bottom had been cropped.

We also talked about the position of the camera compared to the subject.  If the camera is looking up at the person it makes them look powerful.  If the camera is looking down on the person it makes them look weak.

We took the photos again.  The results were much better!  We set up two even lights for our blue screen area.  We set up the tripod so that the camera was eye level.

At the end we started to edit the photos and construct our posters.  I discovered my nice tropical island background image is just too small to make into a poster so I’ll need to find a bigger resolution image next time.

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