S3 Achievements so far this year

Today we blogged about all the things we had learned and achieved in Digital Media Computing this year.

So far this year we have done….


  • Made a web site using coding (HTML)
  • HTML – lists, images, headings, fonts, colours, add videos
  • Changing websites using Hackasaurus


  • Made a glew account
  • Blogged about lessons

Image editing:

  • Cropping – Swapped famous people’s heads
  • Changing hue and saturation
  • Past and present photos
  • Masking – name text with image in background
  • Created a new drink logo and bottle label
  • Photography

Flash animations:

  • Creating objects and making them bounce around and change shape
  • Adding keyframes and tweens
  • Animating people using bone tool
  • Inserted images and videos – to make a TV


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