Flipping the classroom

We came back after the holidays to find our classrooms in the middle of being painted and new flooring being put down.  We’ve used the opportunity to change around the layout of out main classroom to turn it from a computers round the outside of the room layout to something that looks a bit more like an open plan office.  Pupils will have a desk to themselves, well, they’ll share it with a couple of other pupils from other classes.

The other computer room is used mainly by other departments so today the pupils helped setting up this room by moving the desks around and connecting up the computers.  This took quite a long time but after setting them up, cleaning the desks and keyboards and checking the machines had network access we were all done.  We then did some work in the main classroom (which I quite fancy calling the Digital Media Lab) such as testing all the headphones and mics and binning the ones that don’t work.

Each workstation now has the pupils’ folders in a drawer and in the other drawer is a webcam, headphones, mic, pencils, pens and scissors.  At the back of the room we have two machines not allocated to pupils that have scanners so they can be shared.

I’m really hoping this works well!

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