Things you need to know in HTML

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Start and end the web page <HTML>  …..     </HTML>
Add a title <HEAD>



Add a heading (different sizes) <H1>Hi</H1>


Make text bold and italic <STRONG>  </STRONG>

<EM>  </EM>

Add a web link <A HREF=“”>Blah</A>
Add an image (with alt text) <IMG SCR= ALT=“Blah” HEIGHT=“100” WIDTH=“200”>
Make an ordered list (numbered list) <ol>
Make an unordered list (bullet points) <ul>
Add a table <table>


<td>First Name</td>

<td>Last Name</td>







It is also useful to know the following older HTML code as some websites let you use it in text boxes:




<font color=”blue”>This text is blue</font>

<body bgcolor=”green”>
The background of this web page is green

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